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Inventory Control.

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Have you ever run out of toner? Did you over buy toner to make sure it never happened again? How many times a month do you think about your inventory? Wouldn’t it be great if you had an assistant to handle all these problems?

Now You Do! Vanzebo Laser’s Auto stocking program is designed to constantly maintain your inventory levels for all your printing and consumable needs.

How it works

  • One of our trained technicians will come to your office and prepare an inventory of all of your business machines you wish to be covered under the Auto stock program.
  • The next step would be to meet with a representative of your company to discuss what your optimum inventory levels should be to provide for your supply needs.
  • We then prepare a printed inventory list, which is placed in the supply room for reference. (It is also common to use a storage cabinet or another location of your choice).
  • Your company’s individual needs will be assessed during the first month of the auto stocking cycle. We will visit weekly at first then adjust our visits to coincide with your supply needs.

Client Testimonials

In today’s marketplace, it is great to find a company who still knows that customer service and knowledge are key. Wes is always personable, fast, efficient, and he is also very knowledgeable! I will continue to refer all who inquire to your company.
Thank you again for your great service.

Linda R - Administrator,

Client Testimonials

I work for a local utility, and I noticed the office has a whole bunch of HP printers that never seemed to die. Our IT guy who maintains them sent me to Vanzebo. I had been to two other repair shops, and both had charged me a lot of money and failed to fix the problem. David, happened to come in just as I got there, and he took the time to figure out what was wrong and explain to me how the machine works, all for the cost of a toner cartridge. I couldn't be any happier with the result. Thank you Vanzebo! ”

JTA - YELP! -,

Client Testimonials

We have used Vanzebo for our printer servicing and ink for many years and they continue to provide excellent service. We appreciate their attention to detail and follow up. I would definitely recommend these guys to others. ”

James H. - Yelp! -,

Client Testimonials

I’m writing to provide a very strong recommendation for Vanzebo both as a source for toner cartridges and as an HP printer repair company. I have been working with Vanzebo for nearly four years and since we switched to Vanzebo, the failed cartridge rate fell to nearly zero. Plus, they’re just plain helpful and friendly people who understand the value of customer service.”

Laurie - Program Supervisor,

Client Testimonials

“We have been ordering Vanzebo products for over 10 years now. We have become accustomed to the high quality of their cartridges, but what really makes Vanzebo different is their excellent service and rapid response time. “”

Jeff B. - MCSA,

Client Testimonials

You wouldn't believe how much printing I have to do as a realtor. I used to buy an ink cartridge every week with Vanzebo's competitors, but now I hardly ever have to. Thanks Vanzebo!”

Lisa Lakeside, Realtor

Client Testimonials

Vanzebo was quick in repairing our broken printer and fax machine. The technician arrived in an hour of my call and he did a great job!”

John Smith, Manager

Features & Benefits

  • No setup fee, no maintenance fee, no additional fee’s You will never find yourself out of stock on any of the products listed on your Auto Stock program.
  • No less than once a month you will have a fully trained technician visiting your company who at no additional charge can perform, cleanings, preventative maintenance, and answer questions you may have regarding printers/fax machines.
  • No questions asked problem policy. If any of the products we sell do not meet your expectations simply mark the box of the item and we will replace it at no charge during our next Auto Stock.
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