Upgrading your laser printer? Have you considered a refurbished printer?

Upgrading your laser printer? Have you considered a refurbished printer? We are often asked by our customers to recommend a replacement machine particularly when their current printer is facing a costly repair. The customer usually has some idea if the popular new models that are available. They may even have seen them at Costco or in another office. They are generally less expensive, faster, and smaller than the machine they currently own. It usually comes as a shock when the Vanzebo technician recommends a refurbished unit.

Vanzebo Laser has been servicing laser printers and fax machines for nearly 20 years and the one constant regarding office equipment is that you get what you pay for. Quality business class equipment costs more, even double, when purchased new. The benefits customers receive for that extra money is a lower cost of operation, longer useful life, and lower maintenance cost. And guess what? Even when the machine is 2 years old all of those benefits remain constant. Better yet quality business equipment is generally well maintained as they are often leased with support included. The only major change over time is the residual cost of the machines.

So why choose a refurbished Business Class printer over a New brand name printer or fax. Money, of course, but that would oversimplify the real benefits of purchasing refurbished. Generally there is a dollar figure that needs to enter the equation to help with the decision. Lets use $400

You have a HP 4100N printer that is broken and you are looking at a $400 repair. A friend down the hall just installed a New HP LaserJet Pro M401 and it cost her around $500. Its new, looks great and its much faster than what you have now. Then your friendly Vanzebo Laser tech. interjects and suggests a Refurbished HP 4250DN for $599. $100 more for a used printer? The technician explains:

                         HP M401        vs          HP 4250                
Speed             35 pgs per min              43 Pgs per min

Toner             $150 for 6,900 pgs       $160 for 24,000 pgs

Est. Life         300K-500K pgs            800K-1.5 Mill pgs

Price                $500                               $600

We would rather see our customers purchase refurbished Quality equipment that will last longer and cost less to own than purchase mid level or entry equipment that will fail prematurely. HP’s reputation was built on business class units and the result of the current marketing push to lower class equipment is unfortunate.